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ore hopeless of human crea●tures than this man of the masses▓ in India.His clothing in childhood co●nsists of a string around his belly and a ch▓arm-box on his left arm.Grown to ma▓n’s estate, he adds to this a narrow s▓trip of cotton, tied to the stri▓ng behind and hanging over it in front.Regular▓ly, each morning, he draws forth a prep●aration of coloring matter and cow-▓dung—for the cow is a sacred animal—an●d daubs on his forehead the sign o●f his caste, but the strip of cotto▓n he renews only when direst necessity demands.▓His home is a wretched mud hut, too low to s●tand in, where he burrows by night and squa▓


ts on his heels by day.With the buoyant Si

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